Terms and Conditions

  1. Only Persons 18 years and older may enter “Onesto Music, The Search 2020.”

  2. No Person under contract to any record label, Distribution Company, artist agency, or any entertainment facilitator may enter the said competition.

  3. The judges will be chosen by Onesto Music.

  4. The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

  5. Artists may only enter one song for the heat rounds of the competition.

  6. Artists entering this said competition will supply the organizers with a copy of their Identification document which will be registered on the Onesto Music “The Search 2020” database for cross-referencing.

  7. Any person entering Onesto Music “The Search 2020” will distance themselves from any negative, aggressive or unwarranted commentary of any channel towards, organizers, pub owners, venue owners, sponsors, judges, and any other person directly or indirectly involved and possible legal action.

  8. The prizes as published in the media and website (www.thesearch.co.za) will be subject to contractual negotiations. 

  9. The competition’s layout is as follows: 
    a. The Contestant must perform and record 1 song of their choice for heat rounds.
    b. A contestant must submit a recording on www.thesearch.co.za Organizer will publish the works on all Social Media Platforms of their choice. 
    c. The songs can be a cover with a backtrack. Royalties may be required and will be the artist’s responsibility
    d. The song can be a cover and the music can be played by the artists themself. (no backtrack) 
    e. Original Works are more than welcome.
    f. No music videos are allowed. We need to see the artist throughout the whole performance, performers must be on a backtrack, 
    g. An introduction video must be uploaded consisting of: 
    Name, Age, Your Hometown, and Name of song
    h. Subscribe, like, and share all social media pages. Youtube Facebook Instagram

  10. Artist is responsible for their own recording. 
    Artist will be responsible for any Royalties on the music works.
    a. The Contestants are responsible for his/her own backtracks where applicable.
    b. The Contestants will be requested to perform more songs as Competition progresses. The organisers will inform you.
    c. Limited BACKING VOCALS are allowed on the backtracks. 

  11. None of the sponsors or organizers can be held liable for any legal issues arising from Artist performances. In such a case artist works will be removed from all platforms

    a. All judging will be done on a voluntary basis. 
    b. Public criticism will be disabled on all platforms.
    c. The contestants can not discuss their performance with the judges.
    Judging is the judge’s personal opinion and NOT the opinion of any of the sponsors or Onesto Music
    d. No scores will be made public under any circumstances.
    e. With the signing of this agreement, you agree that any audio and visual or audio/visual material of yourself and the entire shows can be used for commercial and/or marketing purposes. 
    f. No branded clothing WHATSOEVER will be allowed. The reason being – we might use audiovisual material for marketing purposes.
    g. All contestants must adhere to time constraints as failure to do so may lead to disqualification,
    h. Any and all communication with Onesto Music must be done via email info@thesearch.co.za 
    i. Contestants acknowledge they will not receive any compensation for appearance and OnestoMusic may use any of their footage as required for entertainment and storytelling purpose.