The Onesto “The Search” was launched in 2015. This was a partner project with Distell.

This event became a household brand and annual event with pubs and venues across Gauteng. It became such a huge event, that we had competitors on national level keeping an eye on things and how we go about conducting our business. Pubs and Venues and especially patrons have become so excited about the annual “The Search”, that this event will be treasured by people for many years to come.


As no-one knows when Restaurants and Pubs are going to open again.
Onesto Music, Richelieu and its Media partners:
Propose a Digital Version.

We asked the people who want to participate to record themself with a sort Introduction and a song of their choice. This Recording must be emailed to submissions@thesearch.co.za and we will post it on our social media channels and website.
Based on the Public likes and Judges they will be invited to perform at their respected pubs. Pubs can still participates

The following pubs have been selected:

  • Quarterdeck
  • The Filly
  • Boni’s
  • Elsburg Hotel
  • Murphy’s
  • Prime Time 2
  • Cafe BridgeWater
  • Presleys
  • Mulligrubbers
  • Our Place
  • TCL
  • Ferns
  • Baileys
  • The Mozambican
  • 19 TH Hole
  • Boskantoor
  • Pappa Joe’s

Peet van der Berg AKA BOTTER will conduct Zoom interviews with previous participants/ winners, guest artists and Venue-owners. All of which, will be posted on the various Social Media Channels.

Onesto Music will also produce a short introduction video for each Venue. Recordings of previous winners will also be posted and promoted on all channels.

Once the COVID 19 Lockdown is over, the participants must go and perform in the pub/restaurant of their choice, and the competition will proceed as normal.